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In March 2020, I released my 1983 home-recorded album White Boys on Mopeds as a free download on Bandcamp. 

But a year before recording that album, I had traveled to that home studio in Rochester to record the first twelve songs I had written, which I titled The Blue Carpet.

These earlier sessions were simpler in every way — mostly acoustic instruments, less multi-tracking, fewer harmonies, and simpler songs in general. (In fact, a couple of the songs were recorded at home straight into a cassette recorder.)

While The Blue Carpet is a more primitive effort, I believe a few of the songs stand up there with my best.

As with White Boys on Mopeds, I passed out cassette copies to friends and family, and then the recordings were relegated to a box full of cassette mix tapes at the back of my closet.

Until now.

Thirty-eight years after sitting down to record those songs, I’m releasing The Blue Carpet on Bandcamp.comfree to download or stream, twelve songs plus two bonus tracks, all remastered by me last March.


Download The Blue Carpet

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  • Nelson krupp May 2, 2021, 7:34 pm

    Who’s in the pics?
    How many are going to know what protean means?
    What is reality?
    If you can cook I need your ring size.

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