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Throughout the month of August I’m posting “Gone,” images from the joe’s nyc archives featuring memorable New York City sights, people, and events that are no longer with us.

Gone: The Kentile Floors Sign

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  • Alain D August 10, 2017, 7:09 am

    without the photographs, we would not realize how much goes away, because it disappears slowly, one place after the other; because our memory does not seem to record anything properly when it comes to those places and objects that we see on a daily basis. probably that our interests are too self-centered, and that the world is taken for granted. photography becomes then an act of remembrance, deliberate or tacit or denied even : i always enjoy photographs of “meaningless” places, for they are meaningless in appearance only, for they are a creation of ours, and to a great extend reflect ourselves as a society. and yet constant change also reflects that.

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